98 things...#6, #7 & #8 || vancouver photographer

yesterday was crazy...we cleaned our old house..had a good cry and said our goodbyes to the rooms and then came home for a nap before we went back to our amazing italian neighbors and had a fabulous meal and even more fabulous time together. (wow, that's a LOOOOOOONG sentence!!) they have been more than amazing neighbors..they are some wonderful friends. i love that geography doesn't change that stuff. :)

i apologize for not doing my 98 things. so today i'll triple up...3!

#6. tell richard simmons to just shut up and sit down.

#7. paint a mural of your imagined past lives.

#8. buy a pair of castanets and learn to use them.

not gonna lie..i had to look up castanets - and when i saw what they were, i was like, uh ya i wanna learn how to use those little bad boys!! :)

i only had my iphone with me last night, so here's a snipet of our lovely meal.. :)


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