italian lessons begin! || vancouver photographer

some of you may know i'm planning a photo tour to italy in the fall - if not, check out the site - FOLLOW YOUR HEART...TO ITALY.

in preparation for that trip, i have registered for....

CA08 - LET'S GO ITALY - Italian for Travelers

If you are planning to travel to Italy, what better way to enhance the quality of your experience than by acquiring knowledge of common expressions in Italian. In four lessons you will learn the basic sentences that will allow you to communicate in various situations you may find yourself in as a tourist in Italy.

4 Week Course Timeline: 4 weeks, one lesson per week: a total of 10 hrs of instruction

it's for the month of april..perhaps i'll do some more in june (may i'm gonna be gone for a week!)
i'm super excited! :)

just had to share.

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aura said...

Sounds fun! Where are you taking the class?

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