and so it begins... || vancouver photographer

we got the keys to our new home last night..we signed the rental agreement..walked thru the house with the landlord..he handed us the keys..we can begin moving our stuff over there.

i got home and suddenly it hit me: we are moving.

i knew we were moving. the missionburnaby house sold quickly and we had 2 months to find a new place. thankfully we found a place. we had checked it out before we left for our roadtrip..and got the "yes" a week ago. :)

so last night as i was laying in bed my brain was whirling...

* have to go thru everything and get rid of stuff we don't use as we dont have the space like we do here...the bedrooms are smaller...the closets are incredibly small.

* the tables and chairs we used to use for dinners we would host, they need to be put up on craigslist..sigh..memories..

* the garage & shed... oh dear... to have to go thru that...eek.

those are only 3 noted things..and 3 noted things that my brain completely seizes up much so that the last time i looked at the clock last night was 1:30am...made me not want to leave my bed this morning...
and so here i my little breakfast table in the kitchen..drinking coffee, surfing for some inspirational/encouraging words on the interwebs.

i finally stumbled upon a daily thing i used to get sent back to me in the early 2000s (boy does that sound weird!). when i read the verse i was stopped in my footsteps:

"My grace is sufficient for thee."
2 Corinthians 12:9

nuff said. :) i will get thru today.

with a hopeful heart,


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