seasoned love - the project || vancouver photographer

i'm writing a book.
with words and photos.

it's called seasoned love.

it's about older couples who have been married for a loooooooooong
time, telling their stories, sharing moments together with me.

i'm so excited about it. :)

here's a few photos from my first couple, iolla & marcello...

their story - both from italy, it took them 10 years to finally get their
ducks in a row and get married. they've been married over 40 years.. they
are so cute together! and hilarious!! they are very "real"...yet they had
some really lovely tender moments as well.

thank you iolla & marcello for sharing that morning with me.. telling me your story
and letting me capture your story. xoxo


Sarah said...

What a great idea Tracey!! I look forward to seeing more!

Carol Kerfoot said...

This seriously brought tears to my eyes. I really love this idea and the images that resulted. Fabulous!

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

this is a beautiful project!! can't wait for more..

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