clements clan - family session || vancouver photographer

some of our very dearest friends who we, as a couple, have known the longest, came thru vancouver this summer and i was around!! [2 years ago i was in whistler shooting a wedding - boo that i missed them!]

colin & arlene are so great - and they have 4 amazing kids!! their oldest brock, i used to nanny when he was just 6 months old.. yep.. and now he's like 15 or 16.. crazy!!!

i told them i wanted to sneak them away for an hour and shoot some family pics..casual ones. [arlene was stressed cuz they weren't prepared for family pix!] and they were a lot of fun!

and now i have a current photo of your family guys!! ;)

love you bunches!!!!!


Rebecca said...

These are great! I love shooting up at SFU.

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