happy birthday my dear jeanie friend!! || vancouver photographer

when i first met jeanie it was on a dark fall evening outside of the blue olive studio lobby doors on our way out... liz and her chatted, introduced myself, and that was that.

honestly, after that i think our friendship began to grow out of facebook scrabulous!!! hahaha.. the things that bring people together!

that was almost 2 years ago..and i can't tell you how fun a journey we have had! we went on a road trip to seattle...have eaten far more indian lunches to count...shot some weddings together (finally this year!)...have had one major "kurfuffle", which i think is quite outstanding considering all things.. :) ..we even went to a turkish massage spa together!!

yes we have some great times, that jeanie girl and i. and i wouldn't trade them for the world!

if i was to sum up how our friendship works, it's constantly a giving friendship..we never look to see what we can "get" from being with each other, but yet, i always "get" so blessed every time i hang with her. i just love her to bits.

so i celebrate you today my dear jeanie friend.. you are amazing. you are beautiful. and you are your own.

happy birthday friend. :) xoxo


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