iolla's 70th birthday & family portraits || vancouver photographer

when my dear italian neighbour, iolla, aka "nona" asked me if i would be available to shoot some photos of her for her 70th birthday and both her children's families, i was MORE than thrilled!

not simply because i love shooting families but because this family in particular are a little more dear to my heart than the regular family sessions. iolla's daughter and her hubby and kids live next door as well, and their kids and our kids are bestest buds. as in our door is open to them..always. and their youngest, fondly know as "the noob" is in LOVE with rosie, so big sister O says. rosie's name is said and "the noob" is totally enamored!! it's really cute.

so yes...the family next door's family session was lovely..the kids were awesome and cute and funny..the adults gave me some fairly decent smiles (wink wink!) and iolla's 70th birthday photos were taken. even a 3 generation one as well.. very sweet.

here are a few.. enjoy!


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