italian 101 || vancouver photographer

well today i learned a bunch more words.. yes, i rock. :)

i'm up to 16 words now. :)

to show - mostrare
reservation -
la prenotazione
death - la morte
bank - la banca
wall (exterior) - il muro
heavy - pesante
almost, nearly - quasi
how much - quanto
forty - quaranta
to worry - preoccuparsi
cow - la mucca

pretty happy with that. have 10 i'm working on to have memorized for tomoro night.

i have even organized my words in alphabetical order in the 1000 words i can pick one out of each
letter, and not have all f's or something. :) yes, that my friends, would be my OCD tendancies coming out.. :)

onward to more italian 101... :)


still taking my time getting thru "a thousand days in tuscany"..its taken me a long time..cuz my ME time has been slashed cuz of wedding season. even caleb asked me tonight, "you're STILL not done that book"..i think its been 3 months.. duuuuuuude.. i got to get it done. book 3 should be even more interesting!

(i picked up book one, a thousand days in venice, at the library just after my trip a year ago. then this last may i found it in victoria with book two and book three - all matching. so i bought them all... )

it has made me shift my thinking of a year ago, after my trip to italy, of wanting to have a place IN venice, to having a place outside venice, one day. close enough that i can get there in an hour or two by car. as i read my book, i'm captured by the rugged historic towns that the one marlena and her husband live in, in tuscany. that sort of town-like feeling. but close enough to a busy city..cuz we all know i AM a city girl. :) but as i get older, the quietness is becoming more and more appealing.. :)

one day we will have a place in italy.
one day. :)


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