the floods in the philippines - they need our help || vancouver photographer

my sister in law walked thru this.

my hubby & i are sending out a quick message regarding the floods in the Philippines. his parents and older sister run a medical clinic/educational foundation for the poor and birthing clinic for under privileged mothers.

i am sure you have watched the news regarding the massive and incredible flooding in the Philippines. it has fully devastated the capital city of manila.

the nine-hour deluge across Manila submerged houses, washed away shanties and turned roads into raging rivers on saturday, forcing terrified residents to seek refuge on top of homes or cars, where they waited for more than 24 hours. the entire expected rainfall for september fell in 9 hours.

"I am calling on our countrymen ... to please stay calm,"
President Gloria Arroyo said yesterday as she set a deadline of nightfall for the military and other rescuers to save those who remained stranded.

The downpour from tropical storm Ketsana left some areas of Manila under six metres of water, and the storm's ferocity shocked a country that is accustomed to typhoons.

"This is the worst that I have seen," Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro said of the extensive flooding that also severely damaged other parts of the northern Philippines.

below is a message written by j's older sister, charity, yesterday.

They are in a state of crisis in terms of trying to help people already poor, recover. I am asking everyone I know to give. How?

We looking for:
2 people to give $5000
5 people to give $1000
10 people to give $500
50 people to give $100

please let me know how you want to be involved and i will send you options for sending money.
we can even provide you with a tax receipt.

if you have questions, let me know.

tracey & jonathan


Aftermath Of Floods in the Philippines

I watched people walk away from the flood. Their faces were tired, drawn. Their eyes staring straight ahead. The lady with one slipper on. The man carrying a plastic bag with only an empty water bottle inside. Caked mud on their feet, some up to their waist. Most carrying nothing.

Thankful, maybe, to have their lives. I do not know why but my eyes well up with tears and I am so sad. So sad.

Our guard at Gentle Hands lost everything but the shirt on his back. His eyes are full of tears as he tells his story. He watched his cinder block house slide into the river. He saw his neighbours family seeking refuge on their roof. He couldn't reach them. Their house was ripped away by the current of the raging waters. They were still on the roof. He watch them disappear downstream. He is exhausted, still unable to rest as there is not enough food for everyone taking refuge in the school rooms. He is left with nothing. Nothing.

Our cook and her children, though they only rent the house they lived in, lost all their earthly possessions. Everything was ripped out of their home by raging flood waters.

One of our other staff members, had all her belongings destroyed. She has worked so hard to save and buy that little TV and her little fridge. Months of saving and sacrificing to have material things for the first time in her life.
These people have no savings account, no back up plans, no insurance, nothing. Life here is day to day for most people, not just the for the poorest of the poor.

We are doing what we can. Malabon is our focal point at the moment. The people who live on the very edge of our island, right beside the ocean, are used to flood waters. But they are stuck in the local school. They still cannot go back to their homes. The water is still waist deep.
We grieve for those who have lost so much. We grieve for those used to having everything. They will be given help by the government for sure. But the poor. They are used to having nothing... does that mean they should not be given anything?

Help us provide food, water and blankets, for our people, please. Help us restore our staff. Help us be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please.

Gentle Hands is on the front lines of this disaster. To do your part, please give generously.

For love of the poor,

Charity & Evan Graff
Gentle Hands


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