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it's 8:53 on tuesday. we leave friday morning for our family road trip thru the prairies to manitoba and back, with stops in between. it should prove to be a good time for our little family of 4. the last couple months have been awfully stressful all-around as a family, so it will be good to re-group together on our little adventure. :)

i have yet to pack...really, are we surprised? i intend to do the rest of the laundry tomoro while i'm at home hacking away at my lists of to-do's so i can pack thurs.

pacey gets groomed tomoro...he is staying at our house with our best friends. should be nice for him. :)

the torch comes through our neighborhood thursday morning between 10-11.. yay not at an ungodly hour. plan to see that.

did i mention i have a trillion things i would LIKE to get done before we go? ya.. giggle..

i plan to blog more on our trip..i plan to photograph for ME on my trip, as well as i have several gigs across the prairies on the trip too. good times.

we plan to visit the grandparents j has left, in calgary and a few close friends along the way.

i feel emotionally tired and i am really looking forward to "laying low".

i will email..when i can. i will do my best to keep the up to best i can. i plan to tweet some.. not lots..but some.. i will read my blog feeds and twitter feeds when i can. i plan to play an obscene amount of bejeweled and scrabble on my iphone, and if my words with friends decides to start working again, i'll resume that too.

we still haven't found a new place to live when we move out of here march 31. haha.. no i'm not stressed.. ;)

but my mother was gracious enough to pack up my christmas decor/tree while we were in idaho when she was here with the kids..chuckle..yes i had my tree up last monday.. dont judge. :)

we plan to continue to build our other business ( on this trip too. i'm excited about that. financial freedom is on the horizon and that makes me very happy. :)

our best friends who live downstairs...ya..that's gonna suck when we move much change.. not a fan.. gah..

well..that's the "real me" for a few moments.. it's now 9:03 pm and time for this chiquita to hit the hay and take some meds to get this headcold/cough/flu out of time to be sick.

talk soon..thanks for reading.. :)

oh, and another photo from jackson hole, WY for good riddens. ;) these are our elk friends from the elk refuge. :)

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