a trip to the wild west || vancouver photographer

this last week, lover and i were flown to idaho falls, idaho for our business ( for a week of training and really, celebration of our business's growth. it was an amazing week! they also took us our last day to jackson hole, wyoming for the day. an hour and a half bus trip and we were truly in the wild west!

i'm going to blog some more photos, but i wanted to give you a sneak of just one.. the whole photo, then i cropped it close in so that you can see we saw up in the tree. we actually were able to get so close, it was crazy! this one was a good shot of the landscape and the sleigh's we were in. :)

more soon! :)


Laura Hana said...

I LOVE the first shot. And how cool is that eagle? :)

tracey said...

thanks laura!

and the eagle is just the BEGINNING of cool.. i got soooooo many amazing shots..and i really am not a landscape/nature photog.. :) more soon. xox

tracey said...

the 2nd shot is a MAJOR zoom in of the first shot..giggle.. :) a little pixely. ;)

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