and so it begins..

we left r place at 7:44 this morning...heading east.. it's now 8:16
pm, Alberta time n we just passed Banff.. I'm typing on my iPhone.. my
first mobile blog post! :)

we had lunch in kelowna with my parentals n sis at moms amazing new

we drive some more and stopped in golden for an expensive so-so 50s
diner for dinner.

I wanted to stop in banff.. one of my most favorite places. (we
honeymooned there almost 15 yrs ago...!) but lover wants to get to
Calgary before it's really late. :) so on the way home we will :)
besides, I have to do day 3 of the 30-day shred! :p

tomoro is sleep in day...! I will post some pics from today too. until
then, one of my "Ansel Adams" inspired mountain pics taken on my
iPhone. ;)



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