"the run-away olympics road trip" - day 1... :)

feb 12 was a day of lots of memorable things..

...we started our roadtrip towards manitoba... we are stopping in calgary, sprague MB, winnipeg, estevan, SK and back to calgary before we head for home the 2nd of march...

...the luge athlete from georgia crashed and died at practise up in whistler..sigh..our hearts go out to his poor family.

...the winter olympics started in vancouver...what an incredible spectacle it very proud to be a canadian..

...14 years ago we, jonathan and i, moved to the philippines, just 6 months married and lived an incredible life as missionaries in was 6 years that has forever changed our lives and we'd never trade..

yes..feb 12 was filled with so much...

here's a few photos from our trek out to calgary... we stopped for lunch in kelowna, and dinner at golden..

we also did some "school work" and stopped at THE LAST SPIKE, where the last spike on the CPR railway was put...was very cool.. the kids really liked it..yay! :)

and then there was the majestic mountains...i always marvel at the hugeness of the rocky mountains we have here...ya.. :)

and then we had an overly expensive, not so tasty 50s diner meal for dinner.. :)

we arrived in calgary just before 10pm.. today's schedule? r&r and watching the 2010 olympic games on the couch. :)


ps - caleb named our road trip.. he's so rad. :)

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Chris said...

loved it! :D

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