celebrating my BFF..

today is my dear friend's 30th birthday!

i met her for the first time in 2001..and it wasn't til about 2005 that our friendship truly began.

she moved this fall to the island to be near her fiance, a guy i went to youth camp with..yes i introduced them. :) my first and last successful matchmaking endeavor!

i miss her lots..but what i miss the most is just seeing her smiling face everyday..she lived in a suite in our place here in vancouver for the last year and a half.. it's not until something is gone, that you realize how much it really meant to you. :)

she is beautiful, articulate, creative, funny, smart, caring, loving, thoughtful..and she is quirky, a tad OCD, a little odd, and dorky too. :) just like me! that is why i love her.. she is such a spectrum of wonderfulness. :)

so happy birthday dear friend..i miss you everyday. and love you more.
here's to celebrating 30 years of wonderful you! xoxox

my first post about erin.. read here - we did it er! we did it!! :)

us checking out burnaby for the first time - read here.

lovely trips to ikea - too many to count!! :) read here.

our crazy pics down in kitsilano and at science for bikers!! :)
read here.

our first trip to the island - and we even stayed in pete's house!! read here.

or last year's birthday for you at the noodle box. read here.

or when "the house" did a day trip to granville island.. :) read here.

or when you were still the only one in the house with a mac. read here.

giggle..or our trip to grouse mountain when you were "sick".. ;) read here.

and when we went and sang christmas carols to dear shirley.. sigh.. :) read here.

ah yes, our weekend trip in seattle.. :) mmm... read here. and here.

how about your mini photoshoot the day it was sunny in yaletown?! :) read here.

or the crazy faces we tend to do on birthdays? and pretty much everytime we get a camera in front of us.. heheh.. read here.

or the weekend you were my assistant in victoria and finally met your man?? heheh.. read here.

and our craziness on our way up to nanaimo to head back home and when petey wee called and was bummed he didn't come with us.. chuckle. read here. where will we go next year for our BFF weekend?? :) you live in victoria now!

your unofficial engagement photos..hee hee.. read here. tres honored you liked them and used them on your wedding invites!!

and then of course our trip to europe...i'm glad you are who i went with. :) i read a post i posted a couple years ago that i was hoping one day we'd go somewhere.. glad we did. and it wont be the last. ;)
read here. and here where our trip begins...

us in munich...

and in cortina, italy..

of course, in burano.. :)

and in the heart of venice.. <3

i'm sure there are many more "highlights" of us..but here's just a few.

love you friend. i celebrate YOU today! :)


erin said...

thanks trace... this brings tears to my eyes... you're so amazing... love you so much!

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