stitch and...

my dear friend jeanie hosted an evening of craftiness.. :)

picture this - downtown loft, some super-sweet music on the playlists, lotsssss of sushi, lovely drinks, a mid evening caprese and CHOCOLATE and ice cream accompanying some craftiness = good times!

andrea from lotus events, along with miranda from blue olive photography, joined me at jeanie's place for the evening.

jeanie put together 4 fabulous IKEA table/carts she got on sale to make up her new island in her kitchen! andrea was crocheting some great little apple cozies; they are made of pure wool and protect your apples in your bags, and such - you can see her at got craft - and miranda did digital craftiness on her laptop for indie-i-do in january 2009.

my craftiness? can't tell you exactly, cuz they're for my kids for christmas and my kids read the blog.. :) so you'll have to wait til christmas! but alex the kittie cat had a great time "helping" me out.. giggle..

good times! and thanks for the fun ladies!! :)


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