naomi - our australian daughter

when we lived in the great metropolis of estevan, saskatchewan, we met a wonderful young lady, 18 years old at the time, who came over from australia on a rotary exchange program.

she made her way right into our hearts and we have been friends/family ever since.
she came to canada for a 5 week visit, staying 2 weeks in vancouver! so we got to have some great time with her!!

we started at steeps tea of my most favorite places to take out of town friends for tea. chuckle..naomi only drinks tea when she's with me..she's not a tea drinker AT ALL. sometimes chai. so it was funny for us to go for tea.. but she was a good sport and we had fun!

then we made our way to the beach, where she can see why it is we just love living in vancouver...where can you get the city, mountains and ocean in one breath??

and then checked out kerrisdale, and had vietnamese food for lunch at this little "hole-in-the-wall" was pretty good. she also brought me some...australian tea. :)


Anonymous said...

oh... way to make me miss you!!!

thanks for the b-e-a-utifil pics. I loved that day... checking out the expensive houses... picking ones we would live in!

sigh... Loving you!

PS: I liked that tea!

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