downtown at christmastime

my high school friend, angela, who i got reacquainted with last year, and her daughter, plus myself and my two kiddies, made our way downtown to check out the trees at the four seasons hotel and then walked down to canada place where they have the old woodward's christmas window displays thruout the centre.

(this was AFTER we had a natural gas scare and had no gas for over 18 hours, and i didn't get to shower, so had to wear a hat, but nonetheless made it thru!)

they even had a place where you can write to santa, which rosie was all about...caleb took a little more persuading that it was actually gonna get to santa..when you're 10 you dont believe in santa..yet..there's this little bit of wonder.."if there IS a santa, am i gonna get that PS2 game i really want!?!? i think i'd better write, JUST in case"..

it was a great us all into the christmas spirit..


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