vietnamese yummyness and twinkle lights!

tonite my dear friend jeanie, along with her friend naomi and i went to a SLOW FOOD chocolate workshop at the italian cultural centre.

well..the italian centre is cool - they have a gondola like in venice there! but the workshop was a little bit of a let down for us 3.

so we headed to PHO VAN for my first ever vietnamese food!! sooooo yummy! i had some bbq shredded pork with rice noodles and spring roll - YUM! and a delicious cup of hot vietnamese coffee! the other ladies had soup.. and it was delish!! :)

after we had a bunch of fun telling stories and were full, we drove naomi home and then i showed jeanie some of the twinkliest twinkle light houses around my hood..and what do you know? we BOTH had our cameras...ahahahah.. :) so out into the cccccccold we went, at 1030 at night in the snow! hehehe..good times!! xoxo


jeanie said...

it may have been cold, but dang, was it good to be out!!!! :) thanks for the g'times, ms. tracey!

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