how blessed am i..

today had to be one of the most rewarding and blessed days i have had.

it started with taking over 71 shoeboxes (remember when the count was just over 50? we got more!!) from our kids school--along with TWO van loads FULL of new toys donated by a neighbouring school--down to south burnaby to stride and edmonds schools.

our community school coordinator, our community school office secretary and myself were overwhelmed with how much STUFF we were able to take down to the schools. south burnaby has a very high population of low income and refugee families. one school showed stats on their school's was amazing!

as we unloaded our vans and saw the faces of so many volunteers and parents light up with their prayers being answered to be able to give their kids toys this year, i was overcome with great emotion.

the community coordinator from the one school said that they set up several days this week as "shopping nights", and qualified parents in need reserve private times to come "shop" for their children. such a gracious way to do it -- the parents able to maintain their dignity in such difficult times. how blessed are we that we have so much to the midst of our recession, i see so many people lending a hand and helping in every way they can to those who this recession is truly making life difficult for. and in the midst of this recession, we are seeing, truly, what community really is.

so as i drove home from this amazing morning, my thoughts went to cans for comments, the amazingly simple yet impacting way to give this year instigated by CHRIS+LYNN PHOTOGRAPHERS. what a small thing to comment on posts...but what an impact the food banks around metro vancouver, canada, the usa and beyond, will have. all because of people like you and me, wanting to give back to our communities.

as i shopped around safeway collecting cans of all sorts, i began to wonder what each of the cans may be used for....sauce for a family to eat spaghetti dinner..cranberries and pumpkin to finish off a holiday meal..soup and tuna sandwiches for kids' lunches. it was then, right there in safeway that i began to cry... such a simple thing, can make such a huge difference. and i am but one person..can you imagine the impact that we are ALL having?? sobering.

thank you everyone who was involved...we are changing lives...we are loving, encouraging, caring...thank you for partnering with me this season..i am so grateful for you. and i am extremely blessed by god to have such a good heart is overwhelmed..and very full.

be blessed friends..
my heart,


Miranda - Blue Olive Photography said...


I can't wait to go shopping for our cans, I'm at 60 cans and I think Reilly is even higher.

Those toys though... wow. I did shoeboxes a few times when we were still in Edmonton, I'll be sure to buy something for santa's anonymous when we're out shopping this next week. Ya done a good thing :)

Hugs to you!

erin said...

so awesome! that's an amazing amount of presents!

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