does this really happen in real life??

the last wedding i shot with liz soergel this season, was a double wedding, so to speak.. he is east indian and she is ukrainian. they had their first wedding in the sikh temple on nov 1 and then their second wedding at the ukrainian orthodox church on nov 8.

the first wedding at the temple was so beautiful and so much color! the food was delightful, but then again i'm a HUGE fan of indian cuisine! we shot at deer lake park and the reds in the trees - wow! - they just totally complimented the colors!

the second wedding was definitely a wedding i will always remember; an hour before "go time", none of the ladies had dresses that were to be delivered from the seamstress and they were in richmond and the wedding ceremony was up in vancouver. i know!! i can NOT imagine what the dear bride went thru that day..but honestly, she was still able to smile and looked stunning thru it all..what a woman! the bride got her dress, but the bridesmaids had to go and BUY new ones. FOR REALS!!! so an hour and a half late, they finally started the was truly an UNFORGETTABLE wedding!

check out more photos on liz's blog --> aman & melissa.


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