the summer is half over!

well...august is here and summer means weddings and we are in the THROWS of wedding season!

i have been priviledged to work with FOUR amazing vancouver wedding photographers this season:

elizabether soergel -
sarah rees -
reilly lievers of blue olive photography -
erin gilmore -

it's been a BLAST of a year!! and the amount that i'm able to take in and glean from each of these fine and seasoned photogs - you couldn't go to school for this stuff!
next year i'll be working exclusively with erin times!

so far i've shot 15 weddings this season - two being my own and the rest second shooting (which is my absolute FAVE thing to do!) - and have 19 to go!!! not counting....

my dear friend getting married in germany at the end of september and she's asked me to come photograph her day! i'm absolutely excited!! :) castles...hello who wouldnt' be!?!? i'll go out from around the 21st/22nd until the end of sept/beginning of oct..i may be looking for a travelling partner who wants to take a trip - i want to do a bit of touring in germany, switzerland and italy..maybe prague too -...any takers?? :) for me!

anyhow, that pretty much is a long update but i thought i'd keep you posted as to what has been going down in my world!

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doing what i love,


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