a postcard from scotland

my sweet jeanie friend is shooting a wedding in scotland this week. she's touring about on the days prior and post wedding..taking amazing photos and experiencing the scottish culture..

she had mentioned that she wanted to rent a 16-35 L 2.8 lens for the trip.

i was like, "girl! i have one - use mine already! dont pay to rent!" so she brought it along with her.

i told her there was only one stipulation - she had to take a photo of my lens in front of a castle... :)

side note: i'm kinda starting a collection - any of my friends in places i'd like to go to with any of my gear or anything that belongs to me, send me a pic of my stuff at the place..liz started it in february..see that blog post here!) yes i know..i'm a weird breed...)

she did. she rocks. :)


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