some exciting news..

sitting with my dear friend at a great thai diner in burnaby, we were discussing what it is like being a second shooter here in the city of vancouver.

i have had rolling around in my brain in the last six months, there's got to be a venue for us second shooters.. but how? where? what?... since moving here almost a year and a half ago, i am beginning to know the wedding photography market and the role of a second shooter so vital to most principal photographers.

so back to the great thai diner.. after some amazing convo and inspiration, i started a group... i put it's initial page on facebook as a venue for people to see it instantly and so i can get a feel of where it's gonna go.. :)

check it out.. vancouver wedding photographer second shooters.

i'm really excited to see where this network or guild, of sorts, goes.. stay tuned!


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