my baby sister is graduating...

so i have a sister.
if you at all follow my blog, you may know this.
her and her beau, james, came out in the summer to vancouver. we shot some photos of them together..good times.

my baby sister, also known as kristal (or for me, her nickname from when she was really little is "beek") is graduating this year.
yes she is 18 years younger than me. it's the coolest thing really.

anyhow, i took her grad photos when i was out in kelowna the first weekend in november. we had an amazing shoot. pretty much the sweetest grad photos i've taken. :) being that she is so beautiful made it a breeze..we're a great pair - beauty and the brains.. :)

enjoy some of my faves...
we started off at the kelowna actor's studio, where she spends lots of time, as she is an actress/dancer.. then we went across to the library, had a week walk in the COLD along the lake, a wee jog thru city park and ended up in the fall leaves on the greenway. it was amazing.
ya there are a lot..but hey...1)it's my sister and 2) it's my blog and i can post however many photos i want on there.. :)

happy graduation, beek!


Anonymous said...

I love you big sister ♥

Louise said...

Oh my gosh - she's now the age you were when she was born! Can't believe she's that old already & she is GORGEOUS!!! Happy Graduation!

Anonymous said...

I remember when she was born. Your folks used to take her in to work with them. I thought it was so cool that you had a baby sister at that age.

You're so blessed to have each other! Congratulations, Kristal (you won't remember me)

Thanks for sharing, Tracey :)

Tracy Hein Dobinson

Sarah said...

This pictures are so beautiful... I haven't seen Kristal since she was just a wee thing... how awesome that you got to take her grad photos, eh?! Great job Trace!

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