my rainbow..

this is so not a "regular" photo blog.., this is more of a heart blog..

the last couple months i've been in this funky place in life. and don't email and ask what this funky place is, cuz i'm still trying to figure it out. lot of personal struggles and pain..lots of questions to god, you know, all the "why" questions we ask him in times of despair

well the kids and i went out to kelowna for my mom's store's, woodcreek cottage, annual christmas shopping days, where i was going to work for her/with her.
during the drive up, the kids ..are listening to their traditional "on the road audio stories" and i am thinking and talking to god in my brain.

the weather is kinda iffy..wants to snow and be nasty; the roads were ok, altho there were times of nasty winter driving. altho "NASTY" here in bc/vancouver is FAR from the NASTY i knew when we lived in saskatchewan, so i dont think they're as bad as everyone else does.. in fact, they make me look like wonder woman, driving with the kids, thru the mountains during winter..chuckle...

BACK TO MY STORY..small rabbit trail there..sorry. :)

so i'm driving thru some gross roads/weather, asking god when this funk i'm in is going to disapate. then no word of a lie, as i'm driving, the sun suddenly appears, and a rainbow appears.

i instantly fell apart and started to cry.

and i heard god say to my heart: "I wont let you drown in this. I promise you that." kinda like noah in the bible.

wow.. i was in utter awe.
so i pulled over the car, kids wondering what the heck i was doing, and took a picture of "my rainbow".

thanks god.. you always know JUST when to show me your always know JUST when to show me just how much you love me..sigh..


Anonymous said...

the most beautiful rainbow i have ever seen,Sandy

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