meryl & brian || maternity session || vancouver photographer

let me think...i've known brian since 2001..and meryl a couple years after that.. meryl was in our youth group! wow..suddenly i feel very VERY old. :p

regardless..brian and meryl headed out to vancouver about 6 months after we did. and rewind a little more - i photographed their wedding in 2005!

they are so much fun..and when they announced that "franklin" was gonna be a part of their family in may, i jumped at the opportunity to photograph their maternity session!

i had fun..i giggled as brian remarked, something like, "trace, i love photo shoots with you, i get to kiss meryl lots in public." :)

here's a few from our session down in the heart of new west at the end of april...

seriously..meryl is so stunning!!!!!! i love the next sequence..meryl laughing at bri as i tell him he needs to squeeze in there with her, meryl anticipating and then brian IN FOR THE DIVE! :)

how cute, hey? :)

brian was lovin' me..MORE KISSES!! :P

could resist with the CLEARANCE sign above.. hehehe.. :)

 it took 3 tries but finally we got brian in mid-air at the right spot!

thanks guys for letting me be my cheezy self and allowing me to document yet another milestone in your lives. love you bunches...and can't wait to meet the little man. :) xoxo

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denise karis said...

i love the bus in motion blur in the background - thats awesome!

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