erin + pete

this last weekend one of my best friends got married.
funny thing - i introduced them to each other.. giggle. :)

it was such an amazing day..everything was so lovely.
my dear erin was absolutely breathtaking..i was in tears
for a better part of the day.. i was so very happy for her.
pete did awesome during the shoot - he can, at times, be
a little apprehensive in front of the camera..but with him
totally into his new wife, it was not hard to get great shots
of them both!

and of course, i couldnt' wait to post pics so here they be!
and i couldn't just blog a few..i blogged a bunch.. :)
so grab a coffee and enjoy some highlights of their day!



jamiedelaine said...

I LOVE your dress shot and that second bridal portrait.

Anonymous said...

Stunning work, Tracey, but I didn't expect anything less from you! I LOVE the map/jewelry idea, and the focus shots of rings. The wide angles are breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Love the are a talent Tracey Lee Heppner!

Now where are the other 1990 shots that you took that day?

More please.

Nick said...

Ahhh, that's what the L stands for.. :P love the shots, Tracey!

aislewalk said...

great shots tracey..i too love the map shot....hmmm looks like a shot from paris in my photobook...hehehehe

tracey said...

thanks guys. :)

sorry shell - the other pics go directly to the couple. :) this is as many as you get from me!

erin - totally haven't even seen that shot! must look for it! :p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using your gift and then sharing the fruit - and a whole lot better result than my old Brownie could ever produce!

Brian & Cindy Boettger

Sarah said...

Great pics Trace! Is KG the Best Man? Looks like him.... but couldn't blow the pics up enough to tell for sure.

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