the best saturday in january for a wedding!

my 2nd wedding of 2009 i second shot this last weekend was with liz soergel. i have worked with her for two seasons, so it was fun working with a familiar work partner! we don't miss a beat..we know what the other is was fun. :)

the wedding was absolutely stunning bride..the vera wang dress...the black italian shoes (mimi was marrying aldo, an italian, so she truly impressed him with her shoes!)...exquisite bird cage rings...the old white jaguar...and the gorgeous sunny day!

i said to liz, "girl, what a FABULOUS wedding to have as your first of the season!!" your year's is gonna be amazing, liz!!

here's a bunch of my shots...have i mentioned i LOVE second shooting?! :) well, i do. in a big way. :)

enjoy. xox


Nick said...

Oh Tracey, some mighty fine work here. I love that shot of the rings. And the one with the bride in the back of the car. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Big Al and Shell said...

love love LOVE these pics. where were you 20 years ago...I want retakes.

jamiedelaine said...

Holy cow!!! What an amazing wedding! That 3rd shot? The 2nd shoe shot? WOW!

laurelh said...

Trace, i'm so excited to catch on to following blogs! Makes life easier when you understand things. I wish you were here to help me :( I will do my best to keep up. I want to tell you that these photos are my most favorite yet...absolutely stunning, gorgeous, nice light and great shots. You totally captured what I see when I look at things...sorry to get carried away...fab.

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