a day with a fashion photographer

so i had the great opportunity to "assist" ( i use the word lightly!) an amazing vancouver fashion photographer in the city here, kris krug. he was shooting for a catalogue for arson clothing.
the team he worked with were so great.

got there at 11 am, downtown granville street - set up our lights..which we both thought was gonna drive us to drinking right there! the lighting down there wasn't at all what kris wanted, and had to figure out SOMETHING. my job? basically watch kris do his magic with his camera, move stuff if he wanted it moved, and continually pop coins into our cars' meters out on the street..hahahahah! it was awesome.. i think we finally called it quits around 330, ending with the last shoot out in the back alley. and i might add we ate lunch about 3 at this GREAT place, the salad loop - oh my word, the coolest ever..never had been til then.. definitely up there on my list of great places to eat some treats.

kris was great to be around, and let me have a peek into the realm of fashion photography.
he indeed is very gifted in this arena of the photographic world. he even swiped my tripod adapter..sigh..what a guy. :)

i took a few pics OF kris (click on his name there <--) doin his thing.. so ya, it was a pretty good experience all around. :)

below is one of my favorite of kris' shots.. he rocks at what he does!


Meryl said...

that is so stinkin cool.. very.

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