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as some of you may know, one of things i'm involved with is co-heading up the vancouver wedding photographers & second shooters group with michelle libby... its one of the most rewarding things i've been involved in for a very long time. the group of vancouver wedding photographers are such a rich and gifted bunch of amazing individuals who are all rockstars. they are the very essence of community in our industry. if i keep going, i may even shed a tear... ;)

moving right along.. :)

next week we are bringing in [b]ecker  two 1-day workshops. we are hosting it at the studio of blue olive photography (thank you!) and andrea and rob from lotus events are helping with day-before setup (thank you GOD!) erin g from aislewalk got us the lodging at pacific pallisades for [b]ecker for NON-olympic rates (woooooooot!) and brett from technicare, one of the sponsors of the workshop, has the lunch cost covered for us! (yay you guys!!) and what are we doing for lunch, you ask? well, my husband, jonathan, is a trained chef and is catering for us! (freakin' eh!!!!!!)

tonight was the dry run at our place for lunch...

we started with spring vegetable salad w/basil pesto...

then had herb salad with goat cheese..
 Owly Images

and then grilled vegetable sandwiches with sherry vinagrette and parmessan.

 Owly Images

yes...i get to not only eat this man's food but i also get to sleep with him. ;)
Owly Images

yay, us,  vancouver wedding photographers & second shooters! we are gonna have a greeeeeeeeeeeat! lunch! 

ps - tomoro is the dessert run.. :)
pps - all images taken with my handy dandy iphone :)

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Laura Hana said...

That's so awesome!! Thanks for doing all the work and making this happen Tracey! You're the best! Looking forward to the workshop! :)

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