aislewalk launch party

on sunday, dec 14 aislewalk magazine had their 2009 launch party. in wonderful erin gilmore style, she did an amazing job of hosting an amazing party.

this was my second year (last year i was sarah rees' date!). those in the wedding industry are invited and i think erin said she had over 200 there this year! wowzahs!

it was always great to meetup again with photogs i haven't seen all year or very seldom - daniela ciuffa, jasalyn and jason thorne, barbara casey..

and then meeting new people who are amazing photogs as well- michael "freakin hilarious" wachniak, rai and danielle from rad studio, kari heese.

seeing other wonderful people from the wedding industry - bobbi from radke designs, tanya from milestone events, jeanette from delovely, amber hughes, alana couch, daniel ha, andrea & rob from lotus events and the ever great kathy and steph from marliss productions!

and then of course hanging with my coolio-close-to-my-heart posé friends - jeanie ow, miranda and reilly lievers, michelle libby and of course the hot hostess erin g, throughout the night.. along with my sweet sisterly love, kristal, the 50's cake shoot house wife! was a a fun time..and the magazine - STUNNING! you can see it online at but if you can get your hands on one, will fall in LOVE!

and of course erin had a photobooth there, which more photographers were there than anyone else..giggle.. :) ...but it's true - we're always on the other side of the camera so it's fun to be on this side in a booth!! :) crazy times!

thank you lovely erin for a great time and a FABULOUS magazine! you outdid yourself again! :)


photos courtesty of michael wachniak!!


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welles said...

Interesting lifestyle!

jeanie said...

LOL! i love how the photobooth images ended with the looming face of mr. wachniak!

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