travel day - and it's raining again!

What is it with rain and travel days? ☺ we woke up to rain..but that’s ok! Cuz today we’re making our way south to Venice!

It turns out we traveling down with russ & kerri; russ suggested or asked if we wanted to travel with them..i was touched! I guess russ thinks we’re not too bad! ☺

So after we left our hotel around 1130 in fussen, where neuschwenstein castle was, we headed towards the autobahn….! Yes the autobahn I say! What fun was that! Thru Austria we traveled and into northern italy…the scenery was crazy great!

We went to stop in Cortina for food around 4 pm – nothing is open then to make us we didn’t eat lunch..instead we got this really thick, almost like pudding, hot chocolate! That held us over until we found a autogrill where we picked up sandwiches.. mmmmm..

By about 6 pm we were in the lowlands out of the mountains, headed for Venice.. when we were crossing the bridge, it almost felt surreal to me.. like I was in a dream..ahead of me was this amazing bunch of islands that make up venezia, as the locals call it, that I have been dying to see for a long time!

We parked the car and separated ways til tomoro and we headed out to find our hostel for the night.. we found it.. dang, I tell ya, erin and I could travel anywhere and find anything, WITH 3 suitcases in tow. We are amazing machines…and when we get lost, hey, who cares..we’re in Venice!

After we got settled, we took a stroll around and I got a few snaps of the city at night…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m gonna go nutso here! we found pizza and fruit and here we are, almost ready for bed to spend 3 whole days in one of the most fabulous cities ever!


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