tbomb and strawberry vale

so my dear friend tanya, who lived with us for about 6 months, was in town drumming for a band at the railway club tonight.. being that i haven't seen tanya since mid june, a visit was in order! the band she was drumming for, strawberry vale, was part of the international pop overthrow festival..tres cool. they go up the coast from LA, to portland and land in vancouver.. check out strawberry vale's music on their myspace

here are a few snaps from tonight's show..


a little shakin' going 'round

so as i was reading my daily news whilst chompin on cheerios this morning, i found this on the AP, associated press.. whoa! one of the joy's of living on the west coast, i suppose....!

Large quake off Canada's Vancouver Island

2 hours ago

VANCOUVER, Canada (AFP) — A strong earthquake struck at sea Thursday off Canada's Pacific coast west of Vancouver Island, but was too small to generate a tsunami, Canadian and US officials reported.

Initial government reports indicated it was a quake of 6.1-magnitude, but the US Geological Survey later downgraded it to 5.8.

The quake occurred at 5:37 a.m. local time (1237 GMT) some 153 kilometers (95 miles) west-southwest of Port Hardy on the northern tip of the island, and 472 kilometers (293 miles) from Vancouver, the largest city in western Canada, said the US agency.

Natural Resources Canada said it was the largest of "a series of earthquakes occurring in the seismically active region" beginning late Monday.

"These earthquakes are too far offshore to be felt on land and too small to generate a tsunami," the Canadian government agency said.

Glen Plummer, spokesman for Emergency Management British Columbia, the province's emergency preparedness agency, said Thursday's pre-dawn earthquake was "nothing to be alarmed about," as it was "not an unusual event."

No reports of casualties or damage had come in to the agency, Plummer said.

Experts say Canada's Pacific Coast is overdue for a major earthquake, but a British Columbia government website on seismic activity points out that the province "experiences an earthquake every day, but only a small number of these quakes are noticeable and even fewer result in damage."


i heart the oregon coast

just a couple snaps of our trek to the oregon coast after our great night in portland meeting old friends!

we decided to hit up cannon beach, seaside and wow..

will post more later..but here's a few..


some exciting news..

sitting with my dear friend at a great thai diner in burnaby, we were discussing what it is like being a second shooter here in the city of vancouver.

i have had rolling around in my brain in the last six months, there's got to be a venue for us second shooters.. but how? where? what?... since moving here almost a year and a half ago, i am beginning to know the wedding photography market and the role of a second shooter so vital to most principal photographers.

so back to the great thai diner.. after some amazing convo and inspiration, i started a group... i put it's initial page on facebook as a venue for people to see it instantly and so i can get a feel of where it's gonna go.. :)

check it out.. vancouver wedding photographer second shooters.

i'm really excited to see where this network or guild, of sorts, goes.. stay tuned!

wedding #2 of 4...

this weekend was crazy busy!! i still feel like my brain is mush...but hey! :)

friday's wedding with erin g was absolutely spectacular...megan and philippe..she's from here, he's from switzerland..they met backpacking in australia..they now live in san fran.. it was a GORGEOUS day..from her getting ready, to our portrait session around town to the ceremony and reception at cecil green..did i mention the FLOWERS?!??!?! oh my WORD! i have NEVER seen so many flowers...they were absolutely mind-blowing.. :)

anyhow..check it out at erin's blog...


blue olives are my fave..

0 comments in reilly and miranda of BLUE OLIVE PHOTOGRAPHY!

this season i've shot some weddings with reilly...they have been so fun! and gosh, do i always learn something!! like, how MANY photos can you get in 5 seconds? or how many videographers does it take to... you get my drift? chuckle.. :)

anyhow, this is one of the first weddings i shot with reilly. honestly, i didn't know what to expect...all i can say was FUN! :)

here's a few pics..and you can look at the rest on their blog.

thanks for the fun times guys!! :)


marathon wedding weekend begins!

this weekend is the weekend i've been waiting for ALL summer...4 days in a row.. chuckle..not really WAITING for it, but hoping i will make it out in one piece at the end..giggle...

yesterday i was with erin and we were at st augustine church downtown vancouver. carly and steph were lovely! and their wedding party were near and dear to their hearts and so much fun.

it was cool..the wedding was very small and initimate. we ended up at hycroft and did some portraits in and around there, and then they had their gorgeous reception there for the evening..

here's the link to the rest of the pics on erin's blog.


recall my friend kris?

my photog friend kris krug, from the arson shoots last year, has been in china for, i'd say, a month...? anyhow he's been taking photos like a crazy man and i have been keeping up to date with his flickr..

anywhooooo...seems the LA TIMES has used a bunch of his pics of beijing and the olympics on their website....! super cool kris!!! i just love seeing people i know, have their stuff up for allthe world to see...

besides being amazing photos, it couldn't have happened to a better guy!! kudos kris!

check them out here:

faces of beijing

images of beijing: food, faces, and yao

business portraits of kath..

as i sit here i was like, "i'm SURE there is something i forgot to blog last week..." (shows you how much a sieve brain i have!) and then i dear friend kathy, whose daughter's wedding i photographed may long weekend in victoria, came to vancouver and had me do some new business portraits of herself.. here are a few of my faves...

and check out kathy's mary kay site too!

capturing with liz

this summer i have a slew of wedding with liz of elizabeth soergel photography. its always so fun to see each wedding as something fresh and new and different from the last.

the first was of meaghan and justin on july 6...their wedding was held up in port moody...a lovely outdoor wedding at the golf course up there..

more can be seen at their blog post here.

then there was a chinese-filipino couple that were so much fun - imee and stanley, who got married july 12 at st wesley on burrard - especially considering i was able to get along great with family as i spoke tagalog! it was a super hot day...and the cool thing was we had literally HOURS to shoot their portraits so we were able to move SLOW! and get some smoothies along the way! :) we ended up at the marriot pinnacle for the reception..good times!

and you can check out the rest of their blog here.

so that is some more shots i can update you the photogs that i'm working for post on their blogs, so will i post on mine.. :)

i'm going into a 4 wedding weekend coming up here; 2 with erin and 2 with liz..i'll pretty much be ready for monday to come by the end!!

louise & sandy

i had the fun pleasure of working with sarah rees of bliss photographic images for a wedding on july 26..

it was a fun wedding..he was scottish, so kilts were in order! and she was absolutely breathtaking... here's a pic from the day... and for sarah's blog, go here to enjoy more!

a postcard from scotland

my sweet jeanie friend is shooting a wedding in scotland this week. she's touring about on the days prior and post wedding..taking amazing photos and experiencing the scottish culture..

she had mentioned that she wanted to rent a 16-35 L 2.8 lens for the trip.

i was like, "girl! i have one - use mine already! dont pay to rent!" so she brought it along with her.

i told her there was only one stipulation - she had to take a photo of my lens in front of a castle... :)

side note: i'm kinda starting a collection - any of my friends in places i'd like to go to with any of my gear or anything that belongs to me, send me a pic of my stuff at the place..liz started it in february..see that blog post here!) yes i know..i'm a weird breed...)

she did. she rocks. :)


a new logo!

i decided this morning i'd try and make a new logo...
i dont know how to do this sort of thing and know a limited knowledge of layers in PS. sister knows BEAUCOUP! so with her wisdom and my ideas..this is what we got! :)

i'm pretty happy with it!


the summer is half over!


well...august is here and summer means weddings and we are in the THROWS of wedding season!

i have been priviledged to work with FOUR amazing vancouver wedding photographers this season:

elizabether soergel -
sarah rees -
reilly lievers of blue olive photography -
erin gilmore -

it's been a BLAST of a year!! and the amount that i'm able to take in and glean from each of these fine and seasoned photogs - you couldn't go to school for this stuff!
next year i'll be working exclusively with erin times!

so far i've shot 15 weddings this season - two being my own and the rest second shooting (which is my absolute FAVE thing to do!) - and have 19 to go!!! not counting....

my dear friend getting married in germany at the end of september and she's asked me to come photograph her day! i'm absolutely excited!! :) castles...hello who wouldnt' be!?!? i'll go out from around the 21st/22nd until the end of sept/beginning of oct..i may be looking for a travelling partner who wants to take a trip - i want to do a bit of touring in germany, switzerland and italy..maybe prague too -...any takers?? :) for me!

anyhow, that pretty much is a long update but i thought i'd keep you posted as to what has been going down in my world!

subscribe to my blog feeder here and keep up with me, if you can! :)

doing what i love,


with this ring

i have this fabulous friend i met in college way back in 1991 in portland oregon where we met at our school. her name is ali.. she was/is one of the most amazing hair stylists i have come amazing singer (she had a amazing singing career too!)..and a genuine woman.

in the last few years she established this really amazing foundation..i won't try and explain it all to you, except that it is touching many across the world.

check it out..and what a fabulous charity to give to if you're a bride and would rather some of the money you use on favors or what not, go to a cause that will make a difference for generations to come.. and if you're already married, i challenge you to take a look...

be blessed!

a picture of joy..

picture says it all.. :)