a dream no longer!!

on monday, june 30, 2008, one of my lifelong dreams came to dream date - a major league baseball game!

we took our kids and harry and stanley (caleb's best friends from korea) and their mom mj with us as a "going away" present as they go back to korea on july 15th.

we had a great seats, i thought - right between right field and center, 3 rows from the field.. oh ya.. :) it was amazing how many toronto blue jays fans there were!

the baseball food was yummy - altho not enough! - the crowd was great...the sun was out..the weather wonderful..the kids did amazing.. pretty much i could go down to seattle every weekend and watch a game.. :)

thanks lover for the awesome memories! love you xo


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Love the pic of the boys w the blue guys ... so great. Thanks for the updates ... :)

Pam (see told you I would comment :))

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